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We live in an increasingly global economy where mobility of labour and cross-border commercial activity are on the rise. For your employees, international mobility can complicate their ability to save throughout their life and provide for a comfortable retirement.

Your expat employees may also lose their entitlement to state benefits for their non-residence. In addition, the increasing trend away from state funded benefits has heightened the need for an individual pension or additional savings plan.

Retirement and Savings plans are an important part of a competitive remuneration package in recruiting and retaining talented employees; we tailor plans to suit both you and your employees’ needs.


Group International Retirement and Savings Plan

The International Group Retirement and Savings Plan offers a flexible structure and a comprehensive investment range to suit every employee’s appetite for growth, balanced against how much risk they are willing to accept.

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Momentum – Continuation Option for your Employees

As an employee, one of the most important aspects of effective retirement planning is continuity. Momentum allows you to transfer the benefits from the group plan you are leaving, without having to change or disrupt your savings routine every time you move companies – you can take this plan with you, wherever your career takes you.

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Channel Island Occupational Pension Plan – Island Trust

The Island Trust has been designed specifically for Channel Island employers to provide an approved pension plan for local resident employees. Approved by the Income Tax Authorities of both Jersey and Guernsey, the Island Trust is a simple and transparent occupational pension plan.

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Our Fund Range

Investment Options are the engine room of growth, helping you get the best out of your retirement and savings plan.

We offer investors a comprehensive choice of investment types, ranging from guaranteed and outcome funds to retirement lifecycle strategies. Our investment options range is selected to provide access to high quality asset managers who have demonstrated a robust and consistent performance over the medium term.


Key Benefits

Flexibility – Less constraints than onshore plans, allowing for greater customisation.

Portability – Certain rights within international plans can be preserved or transferred.

Choice – A selection of quality investment options are available to meet a variety of risk / reward profiles.

Quality – Quality investment options to meet a variety of risk/reward profiles.

24/7 Access – To our Online Service Centre so you can get your plan information in real time.

Experience – Over 30 years of experience in the international employee benefit market.

All figures quoted are correct as at 31 December 2020

How The Solutions Can Work For You

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Profile: Non-government organisation (NGO) – Global Strategy

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Case Study 2*

Profile: Company – Portable Savings Plan

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*Utmost Corporate Solutions does not provide investment advice based on individual circumstances. Investment decisions are the responsibility of the financial adviser and/or investor(s) and any choice of investments is entirely at their own risk.

Useful Retirement Tools For Individuals


Choose the appropriate risk profile for your pension or savings plan.



Calculate the amount that you may need to invest to achieve your desired income when you retire.


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