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Utmost Wealth Solutions provides insurance-based solutions to high net worth clients who want to sustain and pass on their wealth. Life insurance is a robust and proven solution to assist in financial planning, enabling clients to pass on their wealth in a controlled manner.

Wealth solutions is our core business. We employ focus, scale and technical expertise to safeguard our clients’ wealth.

We provide a range of investment options to residents in Finland.


The Target plan is a regular premium, unit-linked, life insurance plan without guarantees. It is designed to help our clients to build up a lump sum by saving regularly over a medium to long term.

Please download our brochure (in Finnish) here


The Professional Portfolio plan is a whole of life, life insurance investment policy where the benefits are linked to the performance of a portfolio of investment assets. This plan is suitable if you have a medium to long-term investment outlook. The minimum investment is €50,000 in a lump sum premium or investment assets, or a combination of both.

Please download our brochure (in Finnish) here


The Future plan is a regular premium, unit-linked pension plan without guarantees. It is suitable for employers who want to provide their key employees with additional income at retirement. Future can be set up for either an individual director or an employee, and it can be a useful way for an employer to provide additional, attractive employment benefits. The employer (planholder) selects the premium payment term over which to pay regular premiums, ranging from a minimum of 10 years up to a maximum of the number of years until the pension commencement age. Single premiums can also be paid into the plan at any time during the premium payment term.

Please download our brochure (in Finnish) here

Benefits of Utmost Wealth Solutions

In Finland, policies are written from our Irish life company, Utmost PanEurope dac. They benefit from Ireland’s strong insurance regulatory regime, Solvency II and Ireland’s robust policyholder protection regime.

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