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Our Ethos

Utmost International is managed in a prudent and conservative manner. As a strongly capitalised, profitable business we are well positioned to build on our success and continue serving the needs of our customers and delivering strong, sustainable returns to our investors for the years to come.

Our Regulatory Regime

Our life companies comply with all local regulatory regimes and are consolidated on a Solvency II consistent basis. Our businesses hold high levels of capital and manage their liquidity and assets in a prudent manner in order that they can endure over the long-term and support our clients through generations.

At a glance

“A” Insurance Financial Strength rating from Fitch Ratings

£484 Annual Premium Equivalent on a pro-forma basis in 2021

£4.8bn New Business Premiums in 2021

Approx. £52bn in Assets under Administration

Please note that previous company performance is not a guide to future performance.
All figures quoted are correct as at 30 June 2022.

Policyholder Protection

Our life insurance companies are governed by their local insurance regulation regimes in the Isle of Man, Ireland and Guernsey. In each region, there are minimum solvency requirements that life companies must adhere to. Each life company in Utmost International must maintain a minimum solvency margin, an amount by which the company’s capital exceeds its projected liabilities, and this acts as a cover for potential losses. These solvency requirements are designed to provide a capital buffer to ensure Utmost International can withstand potential future adverse events.

Additionally, in each region, policyholder protection regimes are in place. These govern how client assets are held and managed, and the conduct of insurance companies. There are regional regulations and/or compensation schemes in place to protect clients.

The way in which Utmost International conducts its business, its size and strength, and the strict regulatory environment in which it operates combine to create strong business foundations.

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