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The information on this page is directed at financial advisers only. Our products are only available via independent financial advisers. If you are an investor interested in one of our solutions, please contact your adviser.

Because your clients’ circumstances vary over time, we’ve designed a range of solutions that are designed to meet their changing needs. They can be used to grow, manage and preserve your client’s wealth, even enabling them to pass it on for the benefit of future generations.

You can choose solutions based in the well-regulated jurisdictions of Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Medium to long term investment that adapts to your clients’ lifestyles and aspirations

With Selection, based in Ireland, and Evolution, based in the Isle of Man, you can help your clients reach their growth or income targets with a range of investments, all managed in one place.

Your clients can:

  • Choose from thousands of funds to help meet medium to long-term goals (5 to 10 years or longer)
  • Switch funds to respond to market changes
  • Use an investment platform
  • Use a discretionary manager
  • Combine it with a trust for inheritance planning.

Estate planning solutions that help your clients maintain their lifestyle and gift to loved ones.

As your client gets older, they’ll probably start thinking about how to pass on their wealth to the people they love, whilst retaining an ‘income’ to maintain their lifestyle.

With the Generation Planning Bond, based in Ireland and the Estate Planning Bond, based in the Isle of Man we have solutions that help you to help your clients do both at the same time.

With our solutions your clients create a trust fund that:

  • Could help efficiently pass on the amount your clients leave for their families
  • Can all be managed in one place, with a wide range of investments
  • Lets them take an ‘income’ in the form of capital withdrawals.*

* Your clients’ regular withdrawals could also be tax-efficient. They can take up to 5% of their original investment amount a year, up to a total of 100% of their original investment amount over 20 years, without an immediate tax liability.

The Estate Planning Bond and Generation Planning Bond can’t be surrendered or assigned during the lifetime of your clients, and ‘income’ payments can’t be altered once they’re established.

Discretionary management to help you focus on your client’s financial planning objectives

We also have solutions that have been built specifically for use with discretionary fund managers. Delegation and the Private Wealth Portfolio, both based in Ireland, are designed for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth investors who don’t want the responsibility and administrative burden of handling their own portfolio of assets. Your clients can’t select the individual investments, and they can’t influence how their discretionary fund manager does either, but the discretionary manager can use their expertise to build and manage your clients’ investment portfolios using a much wider range of collective and non-collective investments than would be available with a ‘conventional’ investment bond. This allows you and your clients to concentrate on their financial planning objectives.

  • The portfolio can be tailored more closely to individual income and growth needs
  • The discretionary fund manager can manage the portfolio in line with their usual process
  • The overall cost of the portfolio can be lower because the discretionary fund manager can invest directly in exchange listed securities instead of paying the management charges of collective investments.

As a result our solutions can be highly appropriate for the wealth management, retirement and estate planning needs of UK-based high-net-worth residents.

Trust and trustee solutions that can really help with passing on wealth

Our trusts could play an important role in your clients’ UK inheritance planning. To pass on their wealth in the way they’d like, they might want to set up a trust alongside their bond. Or, if they’d like to start their inheritance planning later on, they can set up their bond first, and then assign it into a trust in the future.

We offer the following trusts:

  • Discretionary Gift Trust
  • Absolute (Bare) Gift Trust
  • Loan Trust
  • Discounted Gift Trust (absolute or discretionary versions)
  • Excluded Property Trust
  • Probate Trust.
  • Reversionary Interest Trust

On top of this, we’re able to give your clients access to a professional trustee service. So whatever their personal circumstances, we’ll try to help you find something that fits.*

*Our professional trustee service is provided by Utmost Trustee Solutions Limited (No. 106739C) and Utmost International Trustee Solutions Limited (formerly Quilter International Trust Company Limited) (No. 095926C) both of which are licenced and regulated by the IOM FSA.

Key benefits

Access to a wide range of investment opportunities including full discretionary management

Wealth solutions from the reputable and highly-regulated jurisdictions of the Isle of Man and Ireland

High-quality service from established businesses with over 25 years’ experience

Solutions available for individual, corporate and trustee business

These products are designed for UK residents.
The value of your client’s investment can go down as well as up and your client or their trustees could get back less than paid in. The information above is based on our interpretation of current law and taxation. Tax rules can change and are subject to individual circumstances

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