Lifecycle Strategy Service

With each of our three Lifecycle Strategies having a different risk profile, there is likely to be one that reflects your circumstances, attitude to risk and the length of time before retirement or whenever you plan to enjoy the proceeds of your savings.

Whichever Lifecycle Strategy you choose, your money is looked after by investment professionals who will draw on their knowledge, skills and the global resources of Utmost International to develop asset allocation models to manage the three risk profiles.

As you move through your working career, the asset allocations are amended so that, during the early stages of your career, you will be invested in assets that have the potential to make significant returns but with associated risk levels and, as you near retirement, safer investments with potentially less risk will be made available to you. The actual speed of this change and the composition of your investment will depend on your age and which risk strategy you select.

The Strategies are available in three risk profiles: Cautious, Balanced and Dynamic.

The Cautious Strategy (Lower Risk / Lower Return)

Suitable for investors who are seeking steady growth but are willing to forego possible higher returns for steady performance and less volatility. This could suit people who are conservative investors by nature or people who are sensitive to market movements.

The Balanced Strategy (Medium Risk / Medium Return)

Suitable for investors seeking growth potential over a medium-term horizon. This could suit those who are prepared to take some risk to achieve potentially higher returns but who want to balance this by including lower-risk investments to provide a stabilised return.

The Dynamic Strategy (Higher Risk / Higher Return)

Suitable for investors seeking the potential of superior capital growth. This could suit those who are less concerned about short-term volatility and expect to achieve higher returns over the medium to long term, based on the greater concentration to equities within this strategy.

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