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Utmost International has completed 12 acquisitions to become a leading provider in the international life assurance market.

Our business is headquartered in London and we operate from eight locations around the world to provide a truly global service to our clients.

Our life insurance entities are based in Ireland, the Isle of Man and Guernsey. Our clients benefit from robust policyholder protection and insurance regulation regimes in place in each of these regions. In addition, our business is operated in a prudent and conservative manner, with risk and compliance central to our management approach.

Read more about our key developments and dates below

Feb 2013

The Utmost Group (formerly LCCG) is founded by Ian Maidens and Paul Thompson.


During 2015, Utmost Group purchases the closed Irish insurance business IBRC Assurance Company Limited and Scottish Mutual International Limited.

Jul 2016

Utmost Group purchases Aviva Life International from Aviva.

Oct 2016

Utmost Group purchases AXA Isle of Man Limited from AXA.

Nov 2016

Utmost Group purchases Augura Life Ireland and Altraplan Bermuda.

Mar 2017

Utmost Group purchases Union Heritage Life Assurance.

Jun 2017

Utmost Group acquires the investment bond business of AXA Life Europe.

Jun 2018

Utmost Group acquires Generali PanEurope.

Dec 2018

Utmost Group acquires Athora Ireland’s (formerly Aegon Ireland) International investment bond business from Athora.

Feb 2019

Utmost Group acquires Generali Worldwide Insurance Company Limited.

Oct 2020

Utmost Group is reorganised to bring the UK and International businesses into one insurance group. Utmost Group is subject to group supervision by the PRA.

Nov 2021

Utmost Group acquires Quilter International.