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Utmost Wealth Solutions provides insurance based solutions to high net worth clients who want to sustain and pass on their wealth. Life insurance is a robust and proven solution to assist in financial planning, enabling clients to pass on their wealth in a controlled manner.

Wealth solutions is our core business. We employ focus, scale and technical expertise to safeguard our clients’ wealth.

Private Wealth Portfolio: A Flexible Investment Approach

Private Wealth Portfolio is our market-leading proposition for high net worth clients in Portugal. It provides a single premium, whole of life, unit-linked insurance policy. Private Wealth Portfolio permits investments in a wide range of assets and clients can select multiple investment strategies that allow for choosing different levels of income. Clients have choice and control over when and where to take a withdrawal.

Key Features

Private Wealth Portfolio is designed for investors who are resident in Portugal and who are looking for a solution which allows them to preserve, grow or transfer their capital.

The policy is suitable for lump sum investments of at least €500,000, with the option for additional contributions. The policy offers flexibility around estate planning.

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Apex (Portugal): Putting you in control

Apex is a life insurance policy that consists of a collection of single premium, unit-linked life insurance policies. The life insurance policy is made up of a series of identical policies and we deem each individual policy as a life insurance contract in its own right to add flexibility. Apex offers an exceptional combination of investment choice and its unique features will adapt to evolving investment needs.

Key Features

Apex (Portugal) is designed for residents and expatriates in Portugal. The product is suitable for those seeking a lump sum investment and the minimum initial premium is €100,000, with the option for additional contributions. The product also offers flexibility around investment options and portability.

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Benefits of Utmost Wealth Solutions

In Portugal, policies are written from our Irish life company, Utmost Pan Europe dac. They benefit from Ireland’s strong insurance regulatory regime, Solvency II and Ireland’s robust policyholder protection regime. Additionally, there is no VAT charged on management fees.

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