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Utmost Wealth Solutions provides insurance-based solutions* to high net worth clients who want to sustain and pass on their wealth. Life insurance is a robust and proven solution to assist in financial planning, enabling clients to pass on their wealth in a controlled manner.

Wealth solutions is our core business. We employ focus, scale and technical expertise to safeguard our clients’ wealth.

Please note that we do not offer the following products for sale in this jurisdiction, the information is for existing planholders only.

*a capital redemption variant may be available in certain jurisdictions.

Utmost Worldwide Limited Switzerland Branch Financial Condition Report 2020 



A single contribution investment-linked open-architecture product where the benefits are linked to the performance of a portfolio of investment assets. This Plan is suitable if you have a medium to long-term investment outlook. The minimum investment is US$150,000 (or currency equivalent) in a lump sum contribution or investment assets, or a combination of both.

Key Features

  • Professional Portfolio written as either a life insurance plan (on a whole of life basis) or as a capital redemption plan (no life cover) with a fixed term of 99 years.
  • Professional Portfolio’s versatility means that it is equally effective whether your investment strategy is geared towards growth, capital preservation or to provide a regular withdrawal.

*Not available for sale in Switzerland

VISION – a regular contribution legacy product

Vision was a regular contribution, whole-of-life, investment-linked insurance scheme designed to help planholders meet their long-term financial objectives. Existing planholders can choose from a wide range of investment options corresponding to some of the world’s leading investment funds. Regular contributions are paid on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis and lump sums can be paid at any time.

Key Features

  • We pay a standard death benefit of 101% of the investment value on the relevant death. Planholders can also choose an optional additional death benefit, which is subject to acceptance at our discretion, that may be up to 40 times the annualised regular contribution in the plan.
  • The Vision plan provides a loyalty bonus where the premium payment term was at least ten years. For details relating to the bonus available to existing Planholders, please refer to your terms and conditions.

Please see our Investment Options Brochure (IOB) for Switzerland – October 2021

Please see our International Fund Performance (IFP) for Switzerland – November 2021

*Not available for sale in Switzerland


A single contribution whole of life, investment-linked insurance scheme. Choice is a versatile investment plan, designed to help you and your children achieve your ambitions. It can also be used to provide for a comfortable retirement. We designed Choice so that you can make the most of life’s opportunities and be prepared for life’s challenges.

Key Features

  • Designed to help you meet your long-term financial objectives.
  • The plan will pay a death benefit of 101% of the investment value of the plan following the death of the relevant life assured.

Please see our Investment Options Brochure (IOB) for Switzerland – October 2021

Please see our International Fund Performance (IFP) for Switzerland – November 2021

*Not available for sale in Switzerland

Benefits of Utmost Wealth Solutions

Utmost Wealth Solution’s international operation operates through Utmost Worldwide Limited, based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. All planholders with Utmost Worldwide Switzerland Branch benefit from Switzerland’s “policyholder protection regime” under the licensing conditions imposed by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority. This means that all of the assets that support the liabilities of Utmost Worldwide to planholders of its Switzerland Branch are held as tied assets with a Swiss bank and supervised by FINMA.

You can have immediate and secure access to your Plan information through our ‘Online Service Centre’. This allows you to view up-to-date valuations on your Plan. You can also submit certain requests through the ‘Online Service Centre’.

To log-in or register for access, please visit https://my.utmostworldwide.com/PortfolioManager/

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