Mater Private Network Charity Golf Day – 12th June 2023

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Please see list of Champagne Scramble (Variant) Rules below

A.        18 Hole competition.

B.         Full handicaps apply, (subject to a Mens maximum of 18 and a Females   maximum 24), per the indices on the card.

C.         Team of 4 (maximum)

D.         2 x Stableford scores to count on each hole with exception of PAR 3 Holes #2, #8, #12 & #17 where 3 x Stableford scores count on these holes.

E.         All players tee‐off on each hole

F.         The team will choose which drive they wish to play. The ball should be marked. The player whose drive is chosen will play the ball as it lies, and then the other team members play their shots from within 6 inches of the mark, no nearer the hole.

G.        From this point each player will play their own ball and record their stableford points score for the hole (but see Rule I below).

H.         Note: that 3 drives from every player must be taken. Indicate on the card which drive was chosen.

I.          Rules E to H apply on all holes except on all of the PAR 3s, where each player plays their own ball and finishes out the hole. Drives on PAR 3s do not count towards the requirement in H above.