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Utmost Corporate Solutions makes a world of difference to people’s lives by providing exceptional employee benefits that are simple, transparent and accessible.

Group Risk benefits are a key element of any remuneration package as they help to attract and retain high-calibre employees.


Life Cover

Our Life cover solution pays a lump sum to the beneficiaries of an employee in the event of death. The benefit can be a multiple of salary, or a fixed amount.

We also offer additional benefits which can be built in to an employer’s Group Life plan.

Income Protection

This benefit provides employees with a continued source of income if they are absent from work due to illness or accident and usually becomes payable after three, six or twelve months. It is paid until the employee recovers or, should the employee never be able to return to work, it may be paid until the earlier of retirement or death.

Critical Illness Cover

With the escalating costs of healthcare, dealing with a serious illness can be financially draining. Critical Illness cover is a very effective protection against these costs as it pays a lump sum to an employee upon diagnosis of one of a specified range of common illnesses.



Global Risk Solution covers local, expatriates and internationally mobile employees across multiple jurisdictions on a pan-European and international basis.

Providing Group Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness cover, Global Risk Solution offers a single, competitively priced scheme with the same premium rates and Terms and Conditions applying to all employees worldwide. Our solution reduces the burden of employee benefits administration and provides you with significant time and cost savings.

Simplify the provision of your employee benefits

Global Risk Solution enables you to manage your employee benefits through one broker, one insurance provider and one servicing team with aligned terms and conditions. This automatically allows for greater efficiencies and savings.

We look after all risk and claims management, compliance, documentation, communications and can send you one invoice if this is required.

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