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Note: This page is not applicable to Hong Kong clients.
This page may contain information related to investment choices or products which are not available or applicable to Hong Kong clients.


We understand that your employees are your most important asset, and their wellbeing is central to your ongoing success. The provision of benefits helps you protect and engage with your employees, supporting their long-term wellbeing and helping encourage a productive, engaged working environment.




Pays a lump sum to the beneficiaries of an employee in the event of death. The benefit can be a multiple of salary, or a fixed amount.

Income Protection

Provides employees with a continued source of income if they are absent from work due to illness or accident and usually becomes payable after three or six months.

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Critical Illness Cover

Provides a lump sum to an employee if they are diagnosed with a specified critical illness or undergo a surgical procedure covered by the policy.

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Global Risk Solution

Covers employees across multiple jurisdictions under a single scheme, reducing administration and enabling a competitively priced solution.

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Retirement and Savings

International Retirement and Savings Plan

Designed to help your employees save towards their retirement. It offers a flexible structure and a comprehensive investment range to suit every employee’s appetite for growth, balanced against how much risk they are willing to accept.

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Pension – Island Trust

If you are a Channel Island employer, the Island Trust has been designed specifically to provide an approved pension plan for your local resident employees.

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Individual Savings Plan – Momentum

One of the most important aspects of effective retirement planning is continuity. Momentum allows employees transfer their benefits from the group plan they are leaving, without having to disrupt their savings routine every time they move companies.

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